Faroe Islands : 15 days in paradise

When I saw the Faroe Islands from the porthole for the first time, I couldn’t believe it was real.

For me, such beauty didn’t seem to exist on Earth.
But after a few seconds, I realized the view before my eyes was true.
My eyes suddenly became wet, a mix of fatigue, emotion, and disbelief.
How could I have imagined that one day I would see this country?
That was my first vision and my first thought of the Faroe Islands.

I’ll never forget this vision of paradise. Forever.

faroe islands 4

Once I arrived at Sorvagur, I started to breathe deeply. My dream had come true.
Reaching this archipelago was not so easy. I took a train, three different planes, and was delayed in Amsterdam by a strong wind.
Now, I began to walk outside the airport. Free like a bird, but with 20 kilos on my back.
Yet, I was so happy!
At that moment, nothing could have stopped my happiness.

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I walked to Sandavagur in fresh and pure air. The light was so clear!
How can I explain the strange feeling of being at home upon arrival?
I had never been here, yet it felt like I had always lived here.

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Immediately, I was welcomed by Thomas and Ragna as a member of the family.
It was enough to make me fall in love with the Faroe Islands definitively.
Beauty was everywhere, even in the hearts of people.
The light was constantly changing, a paradise for the photographer I try to be.

faroe islands bw03

Even though my body was tired after two days of travel, I decided to go to Traelanipa and Sorvagsvatn.
My first encounter with the Atlantic Ocean.
The waves and the mood impressed me greatly.
I stood alone in front of the ocean, feeling a very deep sense of release.
Here, perhaps, I had found my place on this Earth.

faroe islands 33

On the way back, the wonder, the fresh wind, and the rain accompanied me. A tapestry of magical lights and colors danced around me.
A rainbow seemed to emerge from a well. Was it a sign? Regardless, what I experienced on that first day could never be taken from my memory.
The night fell slowly. From my bedroom, through the window, I could hear the wind that never stops on the Faroe Islands, continuing to blow day and night. From that moment, I knew that here I would never be alone.

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The day after, I began exploring the landscape as much as possible. Each day, I walked extensively, climbing the mountain to obtain the best view. Nature is powerful on the Faroe Islands, and you feel like a very tiny point in the universe. Lucky to be alive here and now.

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Three days later, I reached Klaksvik, the capital of the North on Bordoy. There’s no better place to view the impressive island of Kunoy, which seems to merge into the town. So close, yet so vast. The climate was completely different: colder with a strong wind all the time.
A storm was forecast during my stay. A profound experience for sure. Here, unlike anywhere else, the wind blows with force. There’s nothing to stop it; no trees, no buildings. Tornadoes were forming over the ocean, and I had to lie on the ground to take some pictures because the wind was too strong.

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For two weeks, without a car, I walked 20 kilometers a day, climbed mountains, or crossed tunnels. Completely free and happy to feel the elements without any glass to obstruct the sensation of the wind or hide the stunning beauty all around. After a short journey on a small boat, almost alone, I reached the harbor of Sydradalur on Kalsoy, the pearl of the Faroe Islands.

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Every morning, I sought the best experiences to have on the Faroe Islands. The more intense they were, the more unforgettable they would be.
Often, this meant more difficulty. It’s like a mantra in life: always striving to reach the farthest goal, the top of the highest pass, walking or cycling from dawn to dusk, feeling my body and soul filled with experiences and beauty. The Faroe Islands offer all of this. You just need enough energy and willingness to go. Today does not exist. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I reached the Kallur lighthouse at the northeast point of Kalsoy after a long walk. The ocean was a meter from my feet, above a prodigious cliff, as is common here. Living on the edge of life. One wrong step and you could fall and die. Life in its most acute form.

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Before leaving the Faroe Islands, I wanted to visit one of the most remote islands of the archipelago: Fugloy.
From Klaksvik, you have to take a bus, then a boat to Svinoy and Fugloy.

In March, there are no tourists. Except for the crew, I was alone. The adventure really started at that moment. To return to Bordoy, there was only one boat. When the captain left me at the harbor, in a strong wind, he told me the time he would return. I heard him, but I wasn’t sure. If I missed the boat, I would be stranded alone without anything to eat or a place to sleep.

I felt the loneliness and started to walk. I saw untouched nature, sheep, birds, and white hares. They were curious about me and not very afraid. From the top of Fugloy, you can see the other islands, the ocean, and cliffs everywhere, with the feeling of being alone on Earth.

I waited a long time in the tiny harbor of the island, watching the horizon for the only way to return home, far from the bad weather I had experienced. Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes felt like hours. After a very long time (to me), a tiny point appeared on the ocean and seemed to be getting closer. It was lost in the strong waves. Was it coming here?
When the boat docked, I felt relieved. Even though on the way back, I lost my breakfast, that was nothing compared to this wonderful day.

The day after, the plane left the ground. After many trips to the Himalayas, I was happy to be able to still be amazed by the planet. Now I know that paradise exists.
For sure, I’ll be back.

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